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MQ Trader


The Organization of the Mq Traders was founded in Pakistan, And Mansoor Ali is the founder of this company. Mq Traders is working from 1994 as a oil provider company. Asad Ali appoint as Manager of this company. Now you can invest in this compay and get profit.


MQ Traders is register oil company of PAKISTAN. 1994 it is providing Its services in PAKISTAN and other countries in the business field. Mq Traders was launched by experienced Oil sector entrepreneurs who have over 25+ years experience in the downstream petroleum business. All key members of the company management have considerable prior experience in oil marketing & trading in domestic & international markets.


Mission of the Mq Traders (mqtraders) is to coordinate and unite the petroleum policies and ensure the stability of oil markets in order to secure an productive, economic and regular supply of petroleum to customers, a steady income to producers and a fair return on capital for those who's investing in the petroleum industry.

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