Petrol, Diesel Prices Stay Unchanged for Nearly 4 Weeks. Check Fuel Prices

Petrol and Diesel prices remained unchanged for the 26th consecutive day on Thursday, August 12, across the four metro cities. In the national capital, petrol retailed at Rs. 101.84 per litre and diesel sold at a rate of 89.87 per litre. On July 17, the last revision in fuel price was witnessed as the petrol prices were hiked by Rs 0.30 paise. According to the Indian Oil Corporation, in the financial capital, petrol prices stood at Rs. 107.83 per litre and diesel is being sold at Rs 97.45 per litre. Consumers in Mumbai continues to pay the highest petrol price among all the metropolitan cities of the country. People in Chennai will have to pay Rs. 102.49 for every litre of petrol they purchase, while the cost of diesel remains to be Rs. 94.39.

In West Bengal’s capital, Kolkata, the petrol and diesel price stood at Rs 102.08 and Rs 93.02 per litre, respectively. Similarly in Bhubaneswar petrol price remained at Rs 102.66 per litre, while the diesel was being retailed for Rs 97.95 per litre.

Petrol prices in several cities of the country, including Hyderabad, Bhopal, Patna, Jaipur are soaring above the Rs 100 mark. People are expecting some sort of relief in the fuel prices, as the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown have already disoriented their income.

It is important to note that all cities don’t have similar fuel prices. The variation in petrol and diesel prices across the country happens due to local taxes, excise duties, and freight charges. Consumers were witnessing a regular spike in fuel prices since May 4. Oil marketing companies resumed the revision in fuel prices across the country after elections in several states like Assam, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal concluded. The month of May alone experienced 16 revisions in fuel prices, while in June the prices were revised for another 16 times.