Want To Post On Instagram From Desktop? The Simple Guide On How To Do It

Social media platform Instagram is primarily a phone-based app. However, recently the Facebook owned social network has rolled out a feature through which the users can upload their media files through the web browser on their laptop or desktop. Previously, one had to rely on third party apps for uploading photos or videos on the portal. This update has come after a long wait of eleven years. Interestingly, posting through the desktop is equally easy as compared to the Instagram app. The feature is currently in the testing phase and has not been made available for all users. To check if it is available for you, go to the official Instagram website, www.instagram.com and on the top right corner check if you see a ‘+’ icon. If the create post icon is visible, then the feature is available on your system otherwise you will have to wait for the official roll out of the feature to access it.

Here is how you can post on Instagram through your desktop or laptop

Step 1: Open any internet browser of your choice and search for the official Instagram website, www.instagram.com

Step 2: Login to the portal by entering your username and password or by connecting it through your Facebook account

Step 3: Once done your Instagram Feed page will open

Step 4: To create a post, click on the ‘+’ tab. A pop up will open wherein you will either have to upload or drag and drop the photo or video that you wish to post

Step 5: Edit as per your choice using filters and other features that are available on the phone app

Step 6: Add caption, hashtags, location tag and click on the ‘share’ option after you have done everything as per your satisfaction

Step 7: Your post will appear on the timeline.